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Does Your Dog Run the Other Direction When Called?

Does your dog come to you when called? Or does he take off in the opposite direction? This is one of the most important commands your dog can learn.

Does Your Dog Get Along With Others?

When you take your dog to the vet, do you dread it because of the way your dog reacts to other dogs?

Is Your Dog Shy?

Is your dog shy and scared of visitors in your home, or when he meets new people out on walks?

I use non-confrontational training methods that build trust, appropriate communication, and compliance by enhancing the human/animal bond or relationship.

Donna Malone helped me after 2 other trainers gave up on my dog Axel. On our first meeting, she taught him to go get in his bed simply by staring at it and not saying a word. The entire process took less than half an hour. If I hadn’t been sitting in the room I never would have believed it… Weatherly Tanner


Donna will always give you the best advice whether you agree or want to admit it. She was always there for us, just a phone call away no matter what time of the day it was. Bonnie Fry


Now he is a therapy dog! He loves his new job and looks forward to going to the nursing home to see his patients… If it hadn’t been for Donna “training me”, Sugar Ray would not be the happy, loving boy he is today. I can honestly say Donna saved my dog’s life. Beth

Sugar Ray

We got so much more than we ever expected from Donna. She was very patient working with my Jason and Chunk. She did a weekly visit to work with them in person and gave them homework to complete before the next visit. Chunk learned all the basic obedience commands and also learned about 6 tricks. Donna uses positive reinforcement clicker training and it is extremely good at what she does. Amy Clark

Chunk the Pitbull

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Training and Behavior Problems are the #1 Reason Dogs Are Given Up By Their Owners. I Can Help You and Your Dog Work Through These Problems!

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