Memphis_Dog_Training_My_Pet_ProI wholeheartedly recommend Donna Malone for dog behavior counseling and training. Donna taught me how to better understand my four-legged children! That combined with positive training created a stronger bond between me and my dogs that has led to a happier, calmer home. She is my trusted resource when looking for answers to my behavior questions, and in our household, the biggest problem was not one that could be solved easily.


We have two female and two male dogs in our home. I originally contacted Donna in March 2014 for help with my two female dogs, Lucy and Hennessy, who after two years of getting along (really just tolerating one another), had begun to fight each other. After several fights over six months, I started searching for a dog behaviorist. I spoke with several who had little hope for correcting the problem, but were willing to try. It didn’t make sense to me to hire someone that didn’t even believe changing their behavior was possible, so I called a behaviorist in another city that I had hired for my daughter’s dog when she was away at college. Donna was one of the two she recommended based on credentials. After speaking with Donna one time, I knew that with her experience, knowledge and compassion, she was the expert I had been searching for. She made a visit to our home, spent time discussing the interactions of all of our dogs, and immediately taught my husband and me how to incorporate positive training to change behavior. Our walks became more enjoyable, and manners improved. We came to learn that as much as we loved our dogs and thought they loved us, we really weren’t bonded with them. Donna’s positive training techniques quickly created an undeniable bond that has been the foundation of all the success that followed.


We are still working on correcting the behavior between Lucy and Hennessy. Although life seems to keep distracting us from the most important exercise we need to incorporate to address it, we have made progress, and I know when we’re ready to begin that important exercise, Donna will be there to guide us through it. She is always attentive to my phone calls and emails, and she responds with great insight and suggestions backed by her extensive knowledge. In my experience, this ongoing support makes her unique and invaluable.


Mary Wojcicki, Lucy, and Hennessy