To Whom It May Concern:

As a veterinarian, I have been familiar with Donna Malone’s work regarding responsible pet ownership and training for several years. When in the past I was consulting for behavior problems in pets, I would often ask clients to contact Ms. Malone for basic information, obedience and handout information. In more recent years as my medical practice and family commitments have crowded out time for consulting, more and more clients have been diverted to Ms. Malone for advisement. Clients always gave positive reports for the time and information she provided.

Since Ms. Malone has expanded her services to more thorough counseling. I have had opportunities to send her clients with pet behavior issues.

Her resources have appeared to be very reliable and information provided thorough. She has taken care to explain a prognosis when needed.

The area of behavior counseling is a need in our community. Since it is an area requiring professionalism, understanding, guidance, and compassion, it is my hope and belief that Ms. Malone will do all she can to provide this type of quality service pet and families deserve.


Tammy R. Wright, D.V.M.

Shelby Center Hospital for Animals