One of the more effective ways to reduce violence to animals is through education. Many people simply don’t know any better. Information, shared in a friendly, non-judgmental way, is the best way to get the message to them. Getting angry and rude may make you feel better, but it will do nothing to convince a listener that you have information worth sharing. It could even provoke an episode of violence.

Let’s be honest and realistic here, I do not expect this to change anything quickly, nor do I expect it to have any immediate effect on the worse cases of abuse. The goal is far more subtle than that. The goal is to grow an awareness of the issue and an intolerance for it.

Some cultures will be more difficult to reach than others as animal abuse is integral to their very way of life. We will have to work harder to overcome that problem and the ignorance associated with it. To do that we will need to target children, especially children who are, themselves, victims of abuse. We want to break the cycle.

Sound reasonable? Are you ready? Do you have information worth sharing? If not, where can you find it? We will talk about that next time.

Yours truly,

Donna Malone
Behavior Consultant and Trainer
(901) 488-9238