Pet Behavior Counseling


Your pet has a behavior problem. You have tried to find help but the advice obtained from family, friends, co-workers, books, and/or other trainers is either confusing, conflicting or simply has not worked with your dog.

Behavior modification goes far beyond mere obedience training and refers to everything related to establishing, modifying and/or eliminating a particular behavior and, if necessary, changing underlying emotion(s) associated with the behavior.  I work with a full “toolbox” (a knowledge of both training and behavior modification) so that you can reach your goals as quickly and humanely as possible.

Not every dog needs a formal behavior modification program, if not, I will provide you with simple handouts or recommend minor changes that will resolve the problem. This will be less expensive than a program requiring more intensive work.  For more serious problems, such as aggression, anxiety disorders and fear, and your situation requires it, I will provide you with the necessary protocols and assistance. Help for some minor problems can be found here: Free Downloads

Multiple dog situations may mean that we need to work with more than one dog, if so, the additional dogs may be included at a discounted rate.

Quoted fees include all necessary phone calls, preparing and sending you the necessary behavior history questionnaire and applicable screening forms, an evaluation of the information you provide after you have completed and returned the forms, a meeting with you to observe your pet, and suggested plan of action. All behavior plans include all necessary follow-up on the issues covered by your contract. If your dog develops other behavior issue(s), additional fees may be incurred. You pay a flat rate and we work on your dog’s issue(s) until you are satisfied. In return for my commitment to you, you agree to do the required exercises and report to me regularly.

Also, rarely, a client is referred to a veterinarian for an exam medication and/or medical tests should I feel that it is warranted. You will be responsible for all costs related to doing so, should you do so.

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