Dear Donna,

I am writing you with many thanks and an abundance of gratitude.  Your guidance and expert training helped take “Satchmo” and myself to our greatest win yet.  At the age of 19 months, he was awarded Winners Dog for a five-point goblet win.  He then was awarded Best of Winners over 109 Cairn Terrier Club of American National Specialty in conjunction with the Montgomery County All Terrier National in Pennsylvania on October 7, 2007.  I am most sure that we would not have achieved this fabulous win without your five training classes one month before the nationals.  I had recently attended the George Alston Seminar but, learned more from you in one hour than during his entire seminar.  In addition, the sweepstakes judge for our Regional Specialty in Detroit in February of this year commented, “That is not the same dog I saw in Detroit.”  I am most impressed by your pursuant attitude that we, our four-legged friend and owner, are a team.  You assured me that he cares about making me happy and that I needed to be as determined to find out what makes him happy.  Your stressed play and reward.  You incorporated play into practice and made use of this need as a tool for success.


We are so fortunate to have a fellow Memphian that has such an exceptional gift.  You help owners to be better communicators with our canine companions.  Your approach helped me realize that along with communication, positive reinforcement and training that these marvelous companions can achieve goals beyond our dreams.


With much appreciation and respect,

Patrice Wills