Marsh from Hearts of Gold Pit RescueTo Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation to share with you the positive experiences I have had with Donna Malone of My Pet Pro, Memphis, Tennessee.

I began working with Ms. Malone in the Summer of 2001. She is always readily available. She returns calls and emails promptly, providing effective information that I can put to immediate use. Ms. Malone has helped me to build on my knowledge and understanding of dog behavior and has sparked my interest in researching and reading about dog behavior. In the past few years, I have contacted trainers and behaviorists in various parts of the country and in Canada, trying to find the ¬ębest of the best.” After consulting with other experts, I am very pleased to say that Ms. Malone is the best I have found. She stresses positive reinforcement and respect of each individual dog and his/her needs. I am very impressed that Ms. Malone not only understands” dogs, she also “loves” them as well.

I get calls and emails on a regular basis from people asking for help with their dogs and I do not hesitate to refer them to Ms. Malone. Those who have called with a follow-up report were very pleased with her work.

Should you select Ms. Malone as your behavioral counselor / trainer, I am confident you will be pleased. She has definitely been a key player in the success of my rescue efforts.


Donna Velez


Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue