Getting Started in Dog Training


My Pet Pro offers the best dog training and behavior counseling services in the Memphis, TN area! Donna has been actively training for 45+ years, having started training her own dog as a very young girl.

Dog training is teaching an animal to respond to commands. Behavior modification refers to any of a number of techniques used to add, alter or eliminate a behavior(s). These techniques require a working understanding of learning theory.

You would probably not be reading this if someone had not recommended my services to you and, however glowing that recommendation may have been, the decision to chose my services over those of other area trainers and behavior counselors should not be based solely on one recommendation.

You should also consider, for instance:

1. Will the counselor/dog trainer be using humane methods? This is, perhaps, the most important consideration for you, as a pet owner. Using punishment or force may create additional problems, including aggression, and should be avoided if at all possible.

2. Does the counselor/trainer engage in continuing education? Donna stays current on the latest protocols, research and methods applicable to animal behavior and training. Donna regularly attends continuing education classes and seminars and maintains an extremely comprehensive up-to-date reference library, including books, studies, tapes, and videos, to be able to provide clients with the best possible services.

3. Is the counselor/trainer experienced? Like Cesar Milan, Donna’s earliest memories as a child are of setting up what ultimately was to become known as an “agility” course in her backyard and teaching the family Shepherd to run it. She has been working with her own and other peoples’ pets ever since. Although her specialty is eliminating or reducing behavior problems, she very much still enjoys helping owners with basic obedience and basic good manners training.

4. More importantly, are Donna’s clients satisfied?  You are encouraged to contact the local Better Business Bureau and to review the following letters of reference, Just click here to see testimonials from some of my clients:


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