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To whom it may concern:

Over the past year, we have taken several Shelties in our rescue program to classes taught by Donna Malone. With her keen insight and vast experience, she has helped us work through several behavioral issues that we were having with rescued Shelties. In addition to addressing specific issues, attending the basic obedience classes for socialization has helped our rescue dogs immensely. Donna understands the ‘baggage’ that some rescued dogs bring with them and has the knowledge to address these issues,

We here at Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue consider Donna Malone a very valuable asset to the community. We have had many positive experiences with her and will continue to use her services to help our Shelties in their journey to find their forever homes. We do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help with canine behavior issues or basic training,



Kim Fike, President

Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue

Collierville, Tennessee