I was asked the other day what the most important thing one can do to ensure dog training success.  While other trainers may have different answers to this question, I say it is a good bond between an owner and dog.  What is meant by the word “bond” in that statement?  Having a good bond with your dog transcends mere ownership, transcends love although that is integral to the process, and transcends mere friendship.  Yes, dogs can be trained without this seemingly mystical something that makes all the difference in the world to owner trainers.  Dogs are so adaptable that most of them can learn to obey basic commands with little or no real interaction with them on our part.

To give you something to ponder, consider the stories of children raised by wolves who never really become fully functional human beings and of children raised in environments lacking stimulation, interactions with others of their kind, guidance, and an education who become, at best, challenged emotionally, mentally and, possibly, even physically.

What do you do to ensure your pet remains emotionally, mentally and physically challenged?

Yours truly,

Donna Malone
Behavior Consultant and Trainer
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