My Dog Training Philosophy


My Dog Training Philosophy is that:

1. I love dogs.  They are my business, my hobby and my life.  I am fascinated by everything about them.  Their abilities, including sense of humor and intelligence, never cease to amaze me.  Like many, I have no children and virtually no living relatives so my dogs are my family.  This is why, whatever you and I do together to help you and your dog be the greatest team possible, I do with the goal of doing what is best for both you and your dog as my top priority.  This ensures that you get what you want from our work together and your dog enjoys the learning process.

2. Your priorities are my priorities. When we agree to work together, my time is your time. I am here to help you resolve whatever issue you may have with your pet. Each owner has unique expectations concerning his or her pet’s behavior. My job is not to tell you what your expectations should be — my job it is to help your pet be what you want it to be.

3. I will do my best to keep it simple. Owners are busy with all other aspects of their lives. They only have so much time to devote to training a pet. I make every effort to adjust my protocols accordingly when needed.

4. Nothing we do will cause any emotional, mental or physical harm to your dog. Problems in the bond between owner and animal are the root of most of the problems that owners have with their pets. In most cases, helping you improve that bond enhances your pet’s responses to commands, such as come or stay. In other cases, it can decrease a pet’s anxiety levels so it is less aggressive, fearful or reactive. Studies show that corrections using intimidation or pain can make a problem behavior worse or cause additional behavior problems. Good trainers/behavior counselors avoid using such methods for these reasons.

5. We will always train smart. I specialize in meeting the needs of pet owners and helping you to train smart. Training smart means quickly and efficiently communicating your wishes clearly to your pet, interpreting your pet’s signals correctly, and using intelligent, humane training methods.

6. I will treat you fairly and honestly. Behavior counseling and training are not just a science, they are also an art form. Knowing what to do and when to do it is largely subjective and open doors to potentially dishonest practices. You have a right to:

(a) A written contract setting out our agreement based on your full and honest description of the pet-related problem(s) that you would like addressed and an assessment of your case.

(b) Honesty regarding your expectations (which must be reasonable if you are to achieve the desired results) in relation to your pet’s behavior, and what I believe you can reasonably expect from our work together;

(c) Immediate notification should it become obvious that your pet needs special attention that, for medical reasons, only a veterinarian can provide.

(d) Immediate notification if it becomes obvious that, for whatever reason, our initial agreement provides insufficient time to reach your goal(s) although, to-date) that has never happened; and,

(e) A timely response when you contact me needing assistance with your pet’s program.

In other words, my goal is to provide a valuable service in return for your investment in your pet’s future!

You are encouraged to review these reference letters:

Tammy Wright, D.V.M.

Guardian Angel Pet Rescue

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue

Mid-South Cocker Rescue

I look forward to working with you and your dog! If you’re ready to get started, click here to register online for the upcoming dog training class.