Recipe for All Natural Chicken or Beef Jerky Treats

I use boneless/skinless chicken and slice thinly. No added seasonings are used. I then place it in my Presto Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator. I set the temp on 165 degrees and dehyrate for about 5-6 hours depending on how thinly sliced the pieces are. Cool and share with your furbaby.

For beef jerky I use any type of steak or roast. Same directions apply.

This way you know exactly what is going into your dog’s treat. I sometimes cut up small pieces and add to his canned food. My furbaby loves it.




puppy at vetDoes your pet have a regular veterinarian? Waiting until an emergency situation arises to find a vet is “bad medicine.” It is far better to have a working relationship with a veterinarian that you know and trust, that knows your pet and that your pet knows, if and when an emergency situation arises.

Find a competent vet and stick with him/her. Don’t swap vets indiscriminately, especially for light and transient causes. If and when a problem arises, talk to your vet about it. Your goal should be to find and keep a competent vet familiar with you and your pet. That way, if and when an emergency situation arises, the vet who sees your pet will have a point of reference that will enable him/her to make an accurate and speedy diagnosis of what is wrong with your pet and avoid treatment nightmares. When seconds count, you want a veterinarian who knows you and your pet instead of a stranger who must waste precious moments playing medical history catch-up and/or, worse, treating your pet inappropriately for want of important information.

Every pet owner wonders at some point whether or not they should take a pet to a veterinarian. You know your pet better than anyone else, if you suspect that it needs medical attention, take it to the vet. You are far safer taking it to a vet unnecessarily than not taking it if emergency medical attention was needed.

Here are some indications that your pet needs immediate medical attention:

Abdominal swelling
A lack of or decreased appetite
Blood in stool or urine
Diarrhea for more than 24 hours
Distended stomach
Possible shock or heatstroke
Vomiting more than twice within 24-hours
Inability to, or straining to, urinate, increased frequency in urination, or discolored urine

Your pet should be seen immediately by a veterinarian after any accident, fight, poisoning, for a difficult labor or similarly traumatic event, even if it appears healthy. Changes in your pet’s appearance, including unplanned weight loss or gain, loss of coat luster or hair, excessive scratching, or an inability to settle, especially if accompanied by whining, may also indicate the need for a visit to a veterinarian.

Remember: All pets need, at a minimum, annual veterinary care including but not limited to an annual exam, yearly vaccinations, parasite checks, and a dental exam. Young pets and geriatric pets need to be seen more frequently than that.

CAUTION: Some owners try to save money by cutting corners, opting to use discount vaccination and/or spay/neuter clinics. Both are “well-pet” services. While the vets in these clinics may be just as capable as any other vet, they are not there to treat sick animals nor to establish an on-going personal working relationship with you and your pet. If you have no other choice — due to some temporary financial constraints — use a discount vet if you must. If, however, discount veterinary services are the mainstay of your pet’s medical care on an ongoing basis, you should probably seriously consider whether you can really afford a pet.

8 Pit Bull Lies You Might Believe

8 Pit Bull Lies You Might Believe

People tend to stereotype dogs according to their breeds, and the image the breed has been widely influenced by the media. Sometimes this runs in cycles…remember when the movie “Cujo” came out? And even Golden Retrievers have been targeted by Breed Specific Legislation in some places! The one we hear the most about for the last few years is the Pit Bull. Check out the video below to learn what’s commonly accepted as facts about Pit Bulls.

People Meet Pit Bulls For the First Time

People Meet Pit Bulls For the First Time

Have you ever met a pit bull? Pit bulls get a lot of bad media, but they actually used to be known as “The Nanny Dogs!” Many people have fallen for the bad public perception. Check out the video below to see what happens when people actually meet a pit bulls for the first time.

Brenda Gass Reference

To Whom It May Concern,

OliverI would just like to say that when it comes to my dog, Oliver, the best thing I have done for him and my entire family is to hire Donna Malone. She came to our home and met with Oliver and I to get to know us. There was no way to assess him without knowing how we treat his problems and what may trigger them. As for Oliver, he had several. Separation Anxiety was the worst for me. He could not be out of my sight for even a second. He would not eat or drink his water unless I could be in his sight while doing so. Taking him outside to relieve himself was a nightmare in the winter as I had to be with him every moment. I have a huge backyard that is usually a dog’s dream, but for Oliver it was a nightmare unless I was right by his side. No playing at all. He was too concerned with my leaving him out there. And leaving my house at all was an awful experience for both of us as his constant panic scared me as well.

He also had Resource Guarding, with me being the resource. No one could get near me, not even my husband, without him growling or even snapping at them. He had many other little quirks that most would say aren’t normal for a dog. Enter Donna Malone. With the knowledge she gave us, our lives have turned around. We did have to put him on medication, but with the recommendations she gave our vet, we have all worked together to get just the right ones and dosages.

I regard Donna with the utmost respect and highly recommend her to anyone that needs help with their dog. She is worth every penny we paid.


Thank you so much,

Brenda Gass

Amy Clark & Chunk the Pit Bull

Amy Clark & Chunk the Pit Bull

Dear New Dog Owner,


After bringing a very large 2 year old pitbull named Chunk into our home, it became very evident that Chunk needed to learn some “manners”. He often jumped on visitors that entered our home and with Chunk weighing in at a whopping 100lbs, this could not continue so I set out on a quest to find someone to train him. Chunk is my brother’s (Jason) dog, so I wanted to buy a training package for Jason for his birthday. After a lot of research, I decided that I wanted Chunk to have a more personal experience with in-home training. During that research, I also found Donna Malone with My Pet Pro. I had spoken with several other trainers and as soon as I spoke to Donna, I knew that she was the trainer for us.


We got so much more than we ever expected from Donna. She was very patient working with my Jason and Chunk. She did a weekly visit to work with them in person and gave them homework to complete before the next visit. Chunk learned all the basic obedience commands and also learned about 6 tricks. Donna uses positive reinforcement clicker training and it is extremely good at what she does.


The thing that really stands out to me about Donna is that she absolutely truly loves the dogs and she has a soft spot for pitbulls which is refreshing in a world that continuously scrutinizes this wonderful breed. Chunk loved her too. Training was sometimes disrupted because Chunk wanted to give Donna kisses…and kisses….and more kisses. Donna really understands the way dogs think, and I have often referred to her as the Memphis Dog Whisperer. While Chunk did not have any behavior issues to correct, Donna does also specialize in behavior modification.


The true differentiator with Donna from other trainers I spoke with is that she is committed to you for life. She has been a constant consultant for Jason and Chunk with no additional fees. Jason has reached out to her often to ask how he could teach Chunk to do other tricks (he recently learned to wave bye) and Donna is always willing to coach him and help him with whatever he needs….ALL INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL TRAINING PRICE!!!!


If you need a trainer for your dog, stop looking and go with the best….Donna Malone with My Pet Pro.

Amy Clark


John & Betty Fry Reference

Dear Donna:

My wife Betty and I operate a private animal rescue group, Germantown Animal Rescue. We appreciate the constructive and helpful guidance you have provided to a number of our adopters who were having behavior problems with their new pets.

You have given very positive and encouraging advice to our clients, and we appreciate your help. We will certainly continue to recommend you in the future.

Best regards,


John & Betty Fry

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Barbara Allen Reference

Dear Donna,

Dog Obedience Training MemphisThank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always knew that I had a lovely girl but we were getting nowhere in the show ring. After coming to you for lessons, you worked with us and always seemed to know just what we needed to work on to make both my dog and me be the best we could be. AND IT HAS PAYED OFF. Evie won the Bred by class, then went on to win the Open Bitch class, then competed in the Best of Breed class and won Best of Winners. Not only did she win all of that on Saturday but won the same thing on Sunday under a different judge. She received two five point majors and became a Champion on Sunday. She did this at the Cairn Terrier Specialty of Greater Detroit.

You were like a detective–watching the dog and the handler to see just what we could do to correct some things, change other things, and introduce some new things to put us in the “winning” mode. I am so grateful for you and will always remember what a wonderful feeling it is to win and win big. And when I called you to tell you the good news, you shared my joy as if she was yours. Actually, you were with me in Michigan with every step I took.

Thanks again for everything,

Barbara Allen

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue Reference

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue Reference

Marsh from Hearts of Gold Pit RescueTo Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation to share with you the positive experiences I have had with Donna Malone of My Pet Pro, Memphis, Tennessee.

I began working with Ms. Malone in the Summer of 2001. She is always readily available. She returns calls and emails promptly, providing effective information that I can put to immediate use. Ms. Malone has helped me to build on my knowledge and understanding of dog behavior and has sparked my interest in researching and reading about dog behavior. In the past few years, I have contacted trainers and behaviorists in various parts of the country and in Canada, trying to find the «best of the best.” After consulting with other experts, I am very pleased to say that Ms. Malone is the best I have found. She stresses positive reinforcement and respect of each individual dog and his/her needs. I am very impressed that Ms. Malone not only understands” dogs, she also “loves” them as well.

I get calls and emails on a regular basis from people asking for help with their dogs and I do not hesitate to refer them to Ms. Malone. Those who have called with a follow-up report were very pleased with her work.

Should you select Ms. Malone as your behavioral counselor / trainer, I am confident you will be pleased. She has definitely been a key player in the success of my rescue efforts.


Donna Velez


Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue

Mid-South Cocker Spaniel Rescue Reference

To Whom It May Concern;

frecklesfromFBMy name is Stephanie Chozen, and I am the director of Mid-South Cocker Spaniel Rescue. I began working with Donna Malone d/b/a My Pet Pro three years ago after being referred to her by my vet, Dr. Gerald Blackburn, for assistance with one of my personal pets.

Donna has helped me resolve any number of behavioral challenges ranging from rehabbing abused dogs to eliminating aggressive behaviors to resolving fear issues through socialization and building relationships between caregivers and the fearful pet. Her basic obedience classes provide a structured environment for addressing problem behaviors, and she always finds some creative exercise that I can use to tackle specific problems.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

I find Donna to be a valuable resource and quite knowledgeable about dog training and dog behavior issues. In addition to working with her personally, I also refer adopters to her for training and behavior issues.

Yours truly,
Stephanie Chozen
Mid-South Cocker Spaniel Rescue

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