To Whom It May Concern,

OliverI would just like to say that when it comes to my dog, Oliver, the best thing I have done for him and my entire family is to hire Donna Malone. She came to our home and met with Oliver and I to get to know us. There was no way to assess him without knowing how we treat his problems and what may trigger them. As for Oliver, he had several. Separation Anxiety was the worst for me. He could not be out of my sight for even a second. He would not eat or drink his water unless I could be in his sight while doing so. Taking him outside to relieve himself was a nightmare in the winter as I had to be with him every moment. I have a huge backyard that is usually a dog’s dream, but for Oliver it was a nightmare unless I was right by his side. No playing at all. He was too concerned with my leaving him out there. And leaving my house at all was an awful experience for both of us as his constant panic scared me as well.

He also had Resource Guarding, with me being the resource. No one could get near me, not even my husband, without him growling or even snapping at them. He had many other little quirks that most would say aren’t normal for a dog. Enter Donna Malone. With the knowledge she gave us, our lives have turned around. We did have to put him on medication, but with the recommendations she gave our vet, we have all worked together to get just the right ones and dosages.

I regard Donna with the utmost respect and highly recommend her to anyone that needs help with their dog. She is worth every penny we paid.


Thank you so much,

Brenda Gass