Basic Obedience Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Memphis

Basic obedience teaches your dog sit, down, stand, stay, come, heel and six tricks. It is not designed to be a substitute for behavior modification. The pressures of group classes make them unsuitable for dogs that are aggressive, bark and lunge at others, are fearful or whine incessantly, and whose owners cannot presently control them. Such behaviors require one-on-one training and/or behavior work.

I offer two types of classes:

Private sessions in your home: This is your best option to get the maximum benefit from your training experience. The classes are by appointment in your home and at your convenience, as we can accommodate most schedules. You work one-on-one with a trainer, so you and your dog do not have to compete with other owners and dogs for the trainer’s attention. The classes teach you how to communicate more effectively with your dog and better understand its basic behaviors and needs. In addition to the above-referenced commands and tricks, we can also address any minor behavior issues your dog may have. Since the focus is on your needs, we work at your speed, rather than on the inflexible schedule of a group class. The fee is based on four sessions and varies depending on your expectations, location, needs, and other factors.

Group Classes: Group classes are the most economical choice. The classes may be a good option if your dog has no behavior issues. The classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, when available, and are usually scheduled on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. or Sundays at 2:00 p.m. At present, no openings are available for the rest of this or the next quarter. If you can pull together a total of at least 6 participants, we can schedule a group class for you and your friends or family.

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