I am starting a blog. The blog will cover a variety of issues, all related to animals. I want it to be interesting so I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

While I would like to start out with something lighthearted, maybe funny, something has been weighing heavily on my mind for some time now. I am going to start there.

Every day, in my inbox, I receive reports of animal abuse. Atrocities so sick, so inhumane, and so perverse that it would turn the stomach of a stone statue. I am not talking about acts that the softer souls among us find disturbing, I am talking acts that would break even the hardest hearts.

I am not asking for, nor do I want, rants and raves, illegal suggestions, and the like. This is a problem that needs serious attention. People who do this to animals, will do it to people.

I have some ideas. I’d like to hear yours.

Yours truly,

Donna Malone
Behavior Consultant and Trainer
(901) 488-9238