Dear New Dog Owner,


After bringing a very large 2 year old pitbull named Chunk into our home, it became very evident that Chunk needed to learn some “manners”. He often jumped on visitors that entered our home and with Chunk weighing in at a whopping 100lbs, this could not continue so I set out on a quest to find someone to train him. Chunk is my brother’s (Jason) dog, so I wanted to buy a training package for Jason for his birthday. After a lot of research, I decided that I wanted Chunk to have a more personal experience with in-home training. During that research, I also found Donna Malone with My Pet Pro. I had spoken with several other trainers and as soon as I spoke to Donna, I knew that she was the trainer for us.


We got so much more than we ever expected from Donna. She was very patient working with my Jason and Chunk. She did a weekly visit to work with them in person and gave them homework to complete before the next visit. Chunk learned all the basic obedience commands and also learned about 6 tricks. Donna uses positive reinforcement clicker training and it is extremely good at what she does.


The thing that really stands out to me about Donna is that she absolutely truly loves the dogs and she has a soft spot for pitbulls which is refreshing in a world that continuously scrutinizes this wonderful breed. Chunk loved her too. Training was sometimes disrupted because Chunk wanted to give Donna kisses…and kisses….and more kisses. Donna really understands the way dogs think, and I have often referred to her as the Memphis Dog Whisperer. While Chunk did not have any behavior issues to correct, Donna does also specialize in behavior modification.


The true differentiator with Donna from other trainers I spoke with is that she is committed to you for life. She has been a constant consultant for Jason and Chunk with no additional fees. Jason has reached out to her often to ask how he could teach Chunk to do other tricks (he recently learned to wave bye) and Donna is always willing to coach him and help him with whatever he needs….ALL INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL TRAINING PRICE!!!!


If you need a trainer for your dog, stop looking and go with the best….Donna Malone with My Pet Pro.

Amy Clark